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Super Stuff

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Super Stuff - Professional Grade Concentrate Cleaner Degreaser

Product ID: 6535.1 KPC

Description: Super Stuff is a biodegradable professional-grade concentrate cleaner and degreaser. It is non-abrasive, nontoxic, and free of caustic soda and butyl. It is excellent for use with automotive, RVs, marine, household, motels and restaurants. Super Stuff works excellent in hot or cold water with a simple spray, brush or mop, then rinse. It effectively cleans engines, whitewall tires, vinyl seats and tops, fiberglass, plastic and nylon fabrics, carpet, stoves, hoods, ovens, boats, concrete, all household cleaning, chrome, mildew, grease, anodized aluminum, glossy woodwork, pvc & patio furniture, black streaks, pool decks and more…

Available In: 1 gallon jugs (3.7 L), 5 gallon pails (20 L), 55 gallon drums (208 L) and 275 gallon totes (1,045 L)

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